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QLQ-SPIM-3 Slider Plastic Injection Perform Mould-qlq
QLQ-SPIM-3 Slider Plastic Injection Perform Mould-qlq

QLQ-SPIM-3 Slider Plastic Injection Perform Mould

Slider Plastic Injection Perform

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:QLQ

Model Number:N106

Shaping Mode:Die Casting

Product Material:Steel


Product type:plastic injection mould


1. Our company is the biggest and the most professional zipper and slider trading cooperation.

Thus, we can supply you with a whole line, from raw materials to machines, in purchasing zipper and slider. Everything related to zipper and slider can be found in our company. These products include all goods related to zipper and slider, such as punching machine, die casting machine, slider & puller mould, slider assembly machine, long-chain zipper and finished zipper manufacturing machine and various raw materials & accessories of zipper and slider.


2. High Quality

Honored by good quality, among customers, QLQ specializes in improving his product quality and service. By doing this, few complaints are being received; meanwhile, a good fame is earned. Also, our cooperated factories are known as qualified and responsible partners by clients.

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QLQ-SPIM-3 Slider Plastic Injection Perform Mould
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