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QLQ-FMPM Flat/Middle Puller Mould-qlq
QLQ-FMPM Flat/Middle Puller Mould-qlq

QLQ-FMPM Flat/Middle Puller Mould

Required machine: 10 tons pressing machine Available products: flat puller / middle puller for sliders Required raw material: iron wire for making flat puller.


1.Precise size, well-pieced mould core. Precise size assures zipper amoothness, good locking, high strength and no zipper abnormality.

2.Good-quality material. FDAC and DAC steel are imported from Japan. Wearing resistance, good tenacity, long life.

3.High precision of mould, tolerance controlled at 0.02M.

4.Full and bright casting, without burrs. Make pre-treament easy and save cost.

5.Strict delivery inspected. Each set of mould moulds shall be tested at least 1000 cavities, and shall be inspected and signed by chief designer, factory manager and die casting master together before delivery.

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QLQ-FMPM Flat/Middle Puller Mould
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