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Plastic Slider Injection Workshop

May 02,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier


Plastic Slider Injection Workshop

In this workshop, we have created different plastic sliders for our customers. We produce sliders of different design, size, and colors.

One of our customer's factory

We have installed our QLQ Plastic Injection Machine it in One of our customer's factory and the machine is running smoothly.


What Challenges We Faced?

Case 1 : Automation at Collecting Injected Moulds 

For plastic injection slider, The mould can be thrown out immediately after injection. No need to add the robot hand. You can just pick the product and send it for processing. Other injection moulds you will need robot hands to take the products out. Our is automatically thrown out. The production is more easy to handle. You can make products more easily and quickly.   

Case 2 : 100% OK Sliders

During slider production, each and every slider gets the same quality. And shines equally. Not like the front ones shines well and back ones have less shine and structural defect. Each and every slider we produce have the same quality.

Case 3: Making Efficient Sliper of Plastic Injection

The first challenge we took is to make the sliper of plastic injection more efficient. The traditional sliper has 2 channels in one side but the one you will get from QLQ will give you 2 channels in both of the sides of the sliper. Which makes the Mould more efficient.

Case 4: Updating Traditional Plastic Slider Mould to Modern 

we made changes in the traditional plastic slider injection mould and made our QLQ plastic slider injection mould more updated and efficient. With the new mould you can create more smooth zipper. As it contains only one point.