How to make Jeans Zipper

Apr 29,2023 | Zipper making solution



Jeans Zipper Manufaturing Solution

jeans zipper

Step 1. Gapping

Automatic Metal Zipper Gapping Machine (long model)

You can find the different detailes between long model and short model from our inside solutation page.

Note: There are another 2 models you can choose: QLQ-MGM and QLQ-MDGM-2. Please see final excel form for reference.

1-Model No.: QLQ-MGM

2-Output: 2800PCS/60CM/H

3-Power: 380V,50HZ,3PH,2.2KW

4-Machine size: 1.95*0.80*1.90M

5-Packing size: 1.40*0.90*1.80M

6-N.W.: 420KG, G.W.: 490KG


Automatic Metal Zipper Gapping Machine

Step 2-1. Bottom Stop Fixing ( Bottom Stop Wire Model )


1-Model No: QLQ-BSM 

Automatic Metal Zipper Bottom Stop Machine (By Brass Bottom Stop Wire)

2-Output: 4800PCS/18CM/H

3-Power: 220V,50HZ,1PH,1.2KW

4-M/C size: 1.38*0.63*1.88M

5-Packing size: 0.80*0.78*1.60M

6-N.W.: 130KG, G.W.: 180KG"

bottom machine-qlq
Brass Bottom Stop Wire

Material's Needed:Brass Bottom Stop Wire

We have aluminum bottom stop model, ultrasonic bottom stop model, ultrasonic teeth melting bottom stop model for choosing.


Step 2-2. Stop Fixing (Grain "H" Bottom Stop Model)

Automatic Metal Zipper H bottom stopmachine


1-Model No.: QLQ-HBSM
2-Output: 3800PCS/18CM/H
3-Power: 380V,50HZ,3PH,1.5KW
4-Machine size: 1.30*0.68*1.90M
5-Packing size: 0.80*0.95*1.60M
6-N.W.: 150KG, G.W.: 200KG

Grain “H” Bottom Stop Model

Material's Needed:Grain “H” Bottom Stop Model



Step 3. Slider Mounting



1-model No.:QLQ-SMM
4-M/C size:1.55*0.66*2.10M
5-packing size:0.92*0.76*1.50M
6-N.W.: 200KG, G.W. 245KG"

 Automatic Metal Zipper Slider Mounting Machine

Material's Needed: YG Slider

If you want this slider mounting machine can be suitable for different fancy puller, please send all samples to us, we will try to make the vibrator suitalbe for these model. 


Step 3. Slider Mounting



1-model No.:QLQ-TSM
4-M/C size:1.38*0.68*1.45
5-packing size:0.85*0.85*1.62
6-N.W.:135 KG, G.W.185KG"

Automatic Metal Zipper Top Stop Machine (by brass top stop wire)
Brass Top Stop Wire

Material's Needed:Brass Top Stop Wire

We have aluminum top stop model and ultrasonic "U" shape  top stop model for choosing.


Step 4-2. Top Stop Fixing (Grain "U" Shape Model )



1-model No.:QLQ-MUTM
3-Power:220V,50HZ,1PH ,2.0KW
4-M/C size:1.38*0.75*1.50M
5-packing size:0.90*0.80*1.60M
6-N.W.: 165KG G.W. :210KG


Automatic Metal Zipper Gapping Machine (long model)
Grain U Shape Top Stop

Material's Needed:Grain U Shape Top Stop

We have aluminum top stop model and ultrasonic "U" shape  top stop model for choosing.


Step 5. Cutting



1-model No.:QLQ-ZCM-1
4-M/C size:1.80*0.70*2.00M
5-packing size:0.80*0.90*1.40M
6-N.W.:200KG, G.W.260KG"


Automatic Metal Zipper Gapping Machine (long model)

Machine’s Video:Note: This video is  for high configuration model. Standard configuraiton model's function is the same.

We have standard cutting machine, ultrasonic cutting machine, cutting with labour hand machine for your choosing. You can see the different details from our inside solution page.


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