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How is the Brass YG Slider produced?

Jun 09,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

The Brass YG Slider is a very popular slider, usually used on jeans zippers and bag zippers; how is the Brass YG Slider produced? What equipment is used to produce brass YG sliders? Let me tell you today.

Step 1: Pressing

Pressing will use 25T or 10T-16T pressing machine, depending on your demand for production efficiency, the pressing machine needs to be equipped with the corresponding YG slider mould.The mould is divided into slider body mould,spring mould,pulling mould. We have our own puller tooling factory and we will design the tooling to suit your needs.

Of course the pressing machine is originally shipped manually operated, it is also necessary for our skilled workers to put automatic control programs on top of the pressing machine, automatic stamping and automatic feeding, together with our moulds, to form a complete set of YG puller automatic stamping machine, where the stamping speed and feeding speed etc. can be controlled.

 YG zipper slider

Step 2: Polishing

In the first step, the stamping out of YG sliders and pull tabs will have some phi, which if left untreated is not aesthetically pleasing on the one hand and will hurt the skin on the other. There are many polishing machines, from 2-1 to 2-5, depending on your site, product quality, efficiency and other needs, comprehensive consideration of which one to choose.

Step 3: Separator

After the pulling head polishing will produce certain impurities, at the same time will be mixed with the polishing material, we need separating machine to separate the clean pulling head from the polishing material through this step.

Step 4: Drying

This step is to dewater the slider

drying machine

Step 5: Assembly of the slider In this step

we will actually use several machines

1. insert repair machine - clean up the internal impurities of the slider body, this is the second step of polishing can not achieve;

2. assembly, the slider body, puller, shrapnel using automatic assembly machine assembly into a complete slider; in this step there are several machines, need to know in detail can leave a message or write an email to me;

Step 6: Painting

The copper YG puller, after assembly is generally ready to use, but on the one hand, in order to ensure that the copper material does not oxidise for a long time, as well as to match the style of your clothes, trousers, bags, etc., you see that you need to spray paint, plating , or oiling the copper YG head and other operations.

 Painting machine

We also have many styles of head pulling treatment machines as well as solutions, there is no way to explain them all here, you can get videos and solutions with us.

Thank you for reading.