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How to produce invisible slider?

Jun 12,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

Step 1: Pressing
In this step, we use a press and stamping die

invisible slider mould
Step 2: die-casting
As a supplier of equipment for the production of zip sliders with 20+ years of experience, We are very well equipped with die-casting machines from 15 to 60 tons, invisible slider moulds, invisible slider moulds, cooling water towers for die-casting machines, etc.
Step 3: Separation of die-cast products
Separation of the die-cast product
Step 4: Polishing
Rough polishing or fine polishing of the invisible slider according to your product quality requirements

Step 5: Filtration
This is the complementary equipment to the polishing machine, separating the polished sliders, polishing material and water
Step 6: Drying
Drying of the sliders
Step 7: Slider cleaning
Use the slider pin cleaning machine to clean the inside of the slider, where the polishing machine cannot polish

Step 8: Slider assembly
Use the slider assembly machine to assemble the slider
Step 9: Polishing and painting
Use the slider polishing and painting machine for surface treatment according to requirements

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