Apr 26,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

FAQS for zipper machine


  1. Can 4.5# Auto-lock slider and brass 4.5#YG slider share one set of slider mounting machine or not?

Yes. We can set up one transfer switch on machine and you should buy whole set of slider mounting mould for changing.

  1. I want to buy Automatic Nylon Zipper Double Trimming Gapping & Bottom Stop Machine (by aluminum bottom stop wire), should I send which samples to you?

Please kindly send below samples to us:

(1) nylon long chain zipper, without gapping, 500meters

(2) aluminum bottom stop wire, 30meters

  1. I want to make nylon open-end finished zipper machine, I need to buy which machines?

We suggest you to buy gapping machine, film sealing machine, hole punching machine, pin-box fixing machine, slider mounting machine, top stop machine and cutting machine.

  1. If I buy zipper plating equipment from you, can you teach me to plate the zipper?

Yes, we can arrange technician to go to your factory to teach you the plating process. We have helped many customers to set up their plating line already.

  1. I don’t want many suppliers, can you supply all goods to me (machines and raw material)?

Yes, we can supplier all goods to you and give you some advise for improve your quality according to our experience.

  1. Can I make two different sizes of zipper by the same set coil forming machine?

Yes, you can make different sizes of zipper by changing the threaded rod and other spare parts, however please make sure your technician is very familiar to the machine and knows how to adjust after changing the parts.

  1. If I purchase the polishing machine from you, how can i choose the polishing material and achieve the best polishing result?

We will inform you which stone and liquid that you need to buy, we also will teach you the polishing process once you buy the machine from us.

  1. Could you please inform the whole production line for making automatic metal two way zipper/ pin-pin zipper?

Our Metal Two Way zipper production process is as following:

Automatic metal zipper gapping machine—automatic film sealing machine— automatic hole punching machine – automatic pin pin fixing machine(or by semi-auto machine) -- auto two-way slider mounting machine(or by hand)—automatic top stop machine (1-by brass wire, 2-by grain U type top stop, 3-by grain European type top stop)—automatic metal zipper two-way cutting machine(or by semi-auto cutting machine).


  1. What machines and device are necessary for making slider needle/hook/puller?

1)Pressing Machine QLQ-NPM

2) Wire Feeding Device

3)Wire Frame

4) Waste Wire Crush Machine QLQ-WWCM

5) Polishing Machine QLQ-CTPM

  1. What is the most popular die casting machine to produce zinc slider body?

OLQ-HDCM automatic hot chamber die casting machine is your best choice. There are 15 tons, 25 tons and 30 tons for your selection.

  1. Is QLQ die casting machine easy for maintenance and what are the easy wearing parts?

Our hot chamber die casting machine is easy for maintenance. The easy-wearing parts are zinc melting pot, shooting pole, electric heating pipe, heating sheath, material cup/entrance, nozzle, steel ring/piston ring.

  1. For 25T casting machine & 20T casting machine, which model do you suggest us to buy?

QLQ suggests you to buy 25T casting machine for following two reasons:

  1. 25T machine's pressure is much stronger than 20T, and then the production can be made more plump, density is higher.
  2. 20T and 25T speed are about 760moulds--800moulds/ hour, if you can make 14pcs on the 20T machine, then the output is 14pcs* 760=10640pcs. For 25T, you can make 18pcs in one mould, then the output is more than 20T (18-14) *760=3040pcs/hour. It can save your company's cost.
  3. I want to order 1set automatic slider assembly machine,what samples we need to send to you?

Please send your slider body, cap with spring, monkey/needle, puller. If you have different size puller and you want to assembly by this machine, please also send to us.

  1. For the Hand Painting Case,Does it just can hang only one Hand Painting Frame at a time inside the case?

Yes,only one Hand Painting Frame at a time,it usually takes a few minutes to painting.

  1. Do you have the machine to assembly non-lock slider with normal puller and fancy puller ?

Yes, we have the Automatic & Semi-automatic Non-Lock Slider Assembly Machine (auto function is for normal puller, semi-auto function is for special puller).

  1. Can the invisible slider and normal auto-lock slider share one set slider body De-burr machine ?

No. The invisible slider and normal auto-lock slider differ greatly whether in size or structure, so they need separate machine for body de-burr.


  1. What information do I need to know before I place Nylon Long-chain zipper order ?

Please tell to us following information:

1)wegith per 200meters,

2) which color

3) monofilment is A grade, B grade or C grade or you can send samples to us for analysing.

4) zipper tape design

5) order quantity and so on

  1. Do you have order minimums / MOQ ?

yes, we have, but the MOQ differs regarding to the type of zipper you need.

For exact information, pls leave us your contact information or just call our sales manager Ms Cathy : 008613809668444 . We will answer any of your questions thoughroughly.

  1. Can we request for a free sample?

Regular samples can always be provided free of charge if they are available in stock. If not, additional sample/mould fees will be charged to proceed with the production. Customers are supposed to bear the freight charge, which can be refunded following the order confirmation when applicable. Please double check with us.

  1. Do you have any stock for nylon long-chain zipper, metal long-chain zipper?

Normally we don't have stock. However sometimes if we made the extra quantity and customer could not take all of them,maybe we have some stock. You can contact us to get the exact information.

  1. Can you dye custom colors?

Yes. We can do. You can give us your samples or inform us which color No. in CCC, GCC or YKK color card.

  1. Can you accept any customized design?

Yes. Customized/custom-made design is acceptable, including the custom-made sliders/pullers/teeth, teeth colors, tapes with mixed colors,customized textures,custom buttons,etc.

  1. Can you make sliders with customer own logo? How much does it cost and what is the process?

Yes. We can. Please offer your logo PDF design or send your samples to us directly. The cost should be depend on the cavity per mould.

  1. What information should I provide if I want you to supply the waterproof zipper with our designed LOGO ?

Pls send us the dimension of your LOGO:

1) The length of LOGO

2) Width of LOGO

3) Gap Distances between two printing LOGO

4) LOGO design in PDF file

  1. Is it possible that your factory make the slider body mould for us according to our requirement and you can prdoduce the slider body for us with this mould in your factory?

Of course, dear friend. We have some old customers are doing this practice. What we do is to provide as more convience to you as possible.


  1. What kind of pressing mold can QLQ supply?

YG slider body mold, YG slider spring mold, YG slider puller mold, slider needle/monkey mold, slider spring mold, hook mold, flat/middle puller mold, etc.


  1. If I want to make 5# plastic teeth injection mold, what samples should I provide?

Please send us:

1)5# plastic long chain zipper with the same teeth shape: 50CM;

2) tape for making plastic zipper: 2kg;

3) 5# plastic slider: 5-10pcs for each model; and please confirm the teeth injection length/mold (30CM, 35CM or 40CM)


  1. I want to buy moulds for auto-lock slider, can you design the size as per my zipper?

Yes, we have a professional team, and our engineer has more than 25years experience, we can design the slider size as per your requirement.


  1. Can I make a plastic teeth injection mould with different teeth shapes on two sides?

Yes.If the teeth size is similary. You can send your samples to us for future anylasing.


  1. If our original mould was not made by your company, can you make the moving core for us?

Yes. We can make the moving core for you according to your detailed drawing or unused moving core sample.


  1. How many cavities per mould for invisible slider that your factory can make?

For 15tons die casting machine, we can make 10cavities per mould.


  1. Do you supply the plastic slider injection mould?

Yes, dear, we supply plastic injection mould which the slider body and puller are injected together, meanwhile, our newly desinged injection structure make it very easily to tear apart the injected slider from the mould frame. I can show you some pictures of the injected slider and mould for your better understanding.


  1. Can you supply top stop wire for Nylon Zipper?

Yes. We can. We have aluminum top stop wire and ultrasonic Transparent top stop two model wire for your choosing.


  1. Please tell me what is the size of the 8# Brass Top Stop Wire?

8# Brass Top Stop Wire has differernt size: 3.1*1.2,3.8*1.2,4.0*1.1,4.0*1.25… We also can make other size if you need


  1. What kind of sealing film do you supply for zipper

We supply transparent film ( transparent color, cream-white color, frosted film ) and fabric film. Pls provide the size of your zipper so that we can offer the suitable film size for you.


  1. What kind of center cord should I buy for zipper applied in bags and clothes ?

Well, if you use nylon zipper on bags and clothes, the center cord is different:

1) Normally the center cord of nylon zipper in bags is single twisted, as the zipper will not be gapped.

2) The center cord of nylon zipper in clothes is double or thrice twisted for better firmness.

3) The center cord of plastic zipper or metal zipper are normally double-twisted or will use the weaving center cord in good strength.


  1. Can I use the nylon zipper tape I bought from you to produce metal long chain zipper ?

No, you can't do this. Because the nylon zipper tape is without center cord. While the zipper tape for plastic zipper and metal zipper is with center cord sewing inside.


  1. Do you have grain top stop for metal zipper?

Yes. We have two model grain top stop for your choosing: one is "U" shape top stop, other is Europen shape top stop.


  1. Do you have zinc "H" bottom stop?

Yes. We have zinc H bottom stop. We also have the H bottom stop made by brass or aluminum.


  1. Do you supply Y wire if our machine is not bought from you?

Yes. We can make it according to your Y wire samples.


  1. Do you supply universal/flexible Hook?

Yes. We are not only to supply the flexible hook but also standard hook.


  1. What kind of center cord should I buy for zipper applied in bags and clothes ?Do you supply sewing thread?

Yes. We supply the sewing thread for nylon zipper in different size.