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What are the precautions for the use, maintenance and repair of invisible zips?

Jul 20,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

In our daily life, invisible zip is a common opening and closing device on clothes. It is convenient and beautiful, but it also requires us to use it correctly, maintain it carefully and repair it in time. Invisible zip consists of chain teeth, slider, limit code (front code and back code) or locking parts and so on. Invisible zips are mainly used in skirts, wedding dresses, bedding, sofas, pillows and so on.

invisible zippers

First, the use of precautions:
1. Hold and put gently: you should gently pull the zip when using it, avoiding too much force to cause damage to the zip.
2. Regular cleaning: when the invisible zip is exposed to dirt, it should be cleaned up in time with a soft brush to avoid dust, sand and other particles entering the zip to cause jamming.
3. Avoid overstretching: In the process of using the zip, try to avoid overstretching the clothes to prevent the zip from slipping off or being damaged.

Common Problems
In the process of using invisible zip on weekdays, you will surely encounter some problems more or less, how to solve them?

1、What problems should I pay attention to when I use zip on weekdays?

(1)Do not exert too much force when pulling the slider.

(2) When using the tube and socket, pay attention to insert the tube into the bottom of the socket cavity before pulling the slider; (2) When using the tube and socket, pay attention to insert the tube into the bottom of the socket cavity before pulling the slider.

(3) For the zip on the bag, when something is loaded too much, if you close the zip with a hard pull, the zip will be under too much force, which will make the teeth detach from the tape piece, you should pull the left and right teeth of the zip closer together, so that the head of the chain is easy to pass through, and then close the zip slowly.

2、When opening and closing the zip, sometimes the chain head bites the tape or fabric and the puller can't pull it, what should I do?

Bright Networks Technology suggests that in this case, if you force the puller, it will bite deeper and deeper, you should back up the puller on the one hand, and unlock the fabric on the other hand. When the zip is completely bitten in, do not pull the slider strongly, please back up the slider slowly.

3、How to deal with the phenomenon of zip blocking?

If there is any blockage when pulling the zip, the slider should be backward for a certain distance and then pull the zip forward, don't pull it hard, otherwise it will produce the teeth of the chain crooked and fall off.

4、When using zip, the opening and closing is not smooth, how to deal with it?

It is recommended that if you pull the slider with force, it will produce chain teeth biting failure. At this time, use paraffin wax or lubricating spray to coat the surface and inside of the chain teeth, and then move the slider several times after sliding loose.

5、What should I pay attention to when washing clothes with zip?

When washing clothes, it is advisable to close the zip. This is the best state of the zip when washing. This extends the life of the zip and reduces the wear and tear on the inside of the washing machine.

6. The head of the zip is stuck on the fabric, so that the zip plate breaks or the zip cannot be closed, what should I do?

Use one hand to break the stuck cloth to both sides and dial to the back, use the other hand to pull the chain head forward, don't use too much force to prevent the zipper plate from breaking, and then make the zip back to its original state, in addition, when sewing, make sure that the amount of space of the zip fabric tape, so that the zip head can be used smoothly.

7、What should I pay attention to the zips used for leather or wool products?

Copper alloy zips used for leather products or wool need to be treated with anti-rust treatment before combining with leather products or wool.

8、Dark-coloured zips and light-coloured clothes, if put together, are prone to colour transfer printing and dyeing problems, how to solve them?

When the dark-coloured zip and light-coloured main material are sealed and stored in the same polythene bag, paper should be used to separate the zip from the main material, so that such situation can be avoided.

9, Rub soap on the invisible zip to prevent rusting and flexibility in using the zip yourself! 

Though small, invisible zips play an important role in our daily life. Correct use, careful maintenance and timely repair can extend the life of the zip and make our garments more durable and beautiful. I hope the content of this article can help you, so that we can learn and progress together!