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4 major features of the upgraded die-casting machine

Jun 01,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

The upgraded version of die casting machine has changes in PLC, cooling process and clamping method, which makes the die casting products more stable and the life of the machine longer.

Feature 1 with PLC control system

This die casting machine has I bought PLC control system, so it is easier to be controlled and work more stable. All data can be seen on the screen.

Feature 2 Bigger nitrogen bottle

Our nitrogen bottle is bigger and more stable to provide and adjust the pressure while the machine is working the machine pressure and power is enough to perfect the die casting products.

Feature 3 Five-point die locking

Our die-casting machines lock the mold from five points instead of the traditional four points, with tie rods and spare parts for the machine

can be well protected and more durable in this newer clamping model, as well as extending the working life of the mold.

Feature 4 Cooling flow upgrade
We all know that the machine works at high temperature, so the cooling system is also very important. The oil flows from this pipe at 2.4 cubic meters per minute, so the cooling unit is updated to reduce the oil temperature. Compared with the traditional cooling unit of 1.6 cubic meters per minute our cooling is better and more efficient, the machine's wearing parts such as oil pipe and top ring will not be damaged at a stable temperature, so the frequency of replacing wearing parts will be reduced