1300  bag accessories slider puller polishing machine -qlq
1300  bag accessories slider puller polishing machine -qlq

1300 bag accessories slider puller polishing machine

1300 Function and Advantages:

1. Use:Applied to form the changeable luggage accessories, Zipper head、Pull card; Is the preferred equipment for manyhardware factory. Reduce labor costs、Improve the yield、Stable quality have obvious advantages, Particularly suitablefor single variety and large quantity of hardware factory andelectroplating factory, the buffing Cloth Buff beforeelectroplating, To improve the rate of finished products ofelectroplating, Quality and reduce the plating time, Reducingthe electroplating cost, Is a good helper for electroplatingfactory. An ideal device for replacing Handmade.Can be installed: Grinding wheel, cloth buff、Sisal buff、Cloth Buff、Bias Cloth Buff.

2.Technical parameters: Transverse swing, Working deskforward-back can automatically move, up and down can becarried out through manual adjustment, The quick feed andreturn of the grinder is automatically controlled by themechanical transmission structure, The emergency stopsystem is installed on this machine, which ensures the safetyoperation during production.

3.Structure characteristics: This machine is equiped withmechanical transmission, easy for both operation andmaintainence, and selected quality electrical control panelensures the stablity of the complete machine.


Polishing motor

Advance and return motor

Left and right wobble motor

Pressure motor







L xW xH

L1450 x W1700 x H15500 mm



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1300 bag accessories slider puller polishing machine
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