Slider Plating Workshop

May 02,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

Slider Plating Workshop(Barrel Plating)


Why Slider Plating ?

  • (i) Final product is cosmetically pleasing
  • (ii) Can be plated in either clear, yellow, black, olive drab, and many other dyed colors
  • (iii) Finish is uniform and very bright

There are two techniques of plating metal sliders: 1. Electroplating 2. electroless nickel plating. 3. Painting

1. Electroplating:
Electroplating method is using electrical current and the process is called electrodeposition, where the cathod is the object to be plated and the anode is made from the metal to be plated on the object. Alloys like brass and solder can be electrodeposited.

The tough step in this process is the uniform thickness of the layer, especially if the object to be plated has a complex shape or is a very bad electrical conductive. Though, the complex geometry issue, can be solved by using more anods or a special form anod which copies the geometry to be plated.

2. Electroless Nickel Plating
Electroless nickel plating is an auto-catalytic chemical method which is making possible to put a layer of nickel-phosphorous or nickel-boron alloy, on a solid object made of metal or plastic. Unlike the other plating technique, electroplating, this one can be used on complex shapes and non-conductive objects, because is not using electrical current.

3. Painting:
Painting can be done for different Zipper Slider using machine or painting gun. Machine is automated and Painting Gun is manual. We can load different colors into these and start painting the zippers. They should be sent to oven to make those colors dry. There are automated zipper painting machines.

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