1---About zipper and slider moulds

For zipper business line, there have so many moulds. Gapping Mould, Hole Punching Mould, Zinc Slider Casting Mould, YG slider pressing mould, Plastic slider injection mould, Plastic Zipper injection mould are hot sell moulds in our company.

2—About Finished zipper machine

For finished zipper machines, according to material, we can separate our machines to be Nylon finished zipper machines, Metal finished zipper machines and plastic zipper machines. According to the function, we separate our finished zipper machines to be closed-end and open-end zipper machines. So normally we will ask customer: 1) Do you need Nylon closed-end zipper machine or Nylon open-end zipper machines? 2) Do you need metal close-end zipper machines or Metal open-end zipper machines? 3) Do you need plastic close-end zipper machine or plastic open-end zipper machines?

3—For Die casting Mould
If customer wants to buy the die casting mould from our factory, we need following information from customer:
1) Please tell to me which kind of slider and what is the size that customer need to make. For example: 3# Nylon auto-lock slider, 5# Nylon non-lock slider.
2) Please offer your machine’s parameter. We will send one machine size to customer for customer understanding which size that we need.
3) Slider samples which customer need to make the slider mould
According to above information, our engineer will calculate how many cavities that we can make for one set mould. Once customers confirm the order, we will make and send the mould drawing to customer for confirmation.
4---Zipper injection mould model
Normally, there have following zipper injection moulds:
1) Teeth injection mould
2) Teeth with bottom stop injection mould
3) Closed-end bottom stop with top stop injection mould
4) Open-end pin box with top stop injection mould
5) Open-end pin pin with top stop injection mould
5---What is the closed-end zipper and what is the open-end zipper?
Closed-end zipper means the zipper made by bottom stop and top stop. And zipper can not be separated from bottom stop side. Normally, closed-end zipper is used for trousers.
Open-end zipper means the zipper made by pin box with top stop or pin pin with top stop. Zipper can be separated to be left side and right side. Normally, Open-end zipper is used for Jacket, clothes.
6-How to choose pressing machine properly?
For automatic pressing machines, there are normal speed and high speed types to meet your production capacity requirements.
Normal speed type is classified by different tons:10 tons, 16tons, 25 tons and 80 tons. You can choose the model according to the products that you want to make.
High speed type's models are: QLQ-HPM20, QLQ-HPM30, QLQ-APM16/QLQ-APM25(16T and 25T pneumatic models must work with air compressor ).
7--What is a zipper?
What is a zipper?

A zipper is also called slide fastener. It is a device for fastening clothing, luggage, etc., consisting of two parallel tracks of teeth or coils that can be interlocked or separated by the pulling of a slider between them. 

Different materials' teeth are stamped/sewed/molded onto the tapes to form different types of continuous long chain zippers. These long chain zipper can be made into specific lengths finished zipper by adding pin box/pin, slider, stops (top/bottom).

According to teeth material, zippers are generally categorized as following:
1-Metal zipper: the teeth is most commonly made by brass, aluminum.
2-Nylon zipper (coil zipper): the teeth is made from coiled mono-filament.
3-Plastic zipper (Delrin zipper):the teeth is molded from POM grain.

The structure of a finished zipper usually contains: top stop, slider(with puller), elements (the teeth), bottom stop/pin box/pin pin and tape.

Top stop: two devices fixed on each side adjacent to the tooth at the top end of the zipper

Slider: a device with puller that moves up and down to open or close the zipper

Puller (pull tab): the part of the slider that you hold to move the slider up or down the zipper

Elements: the teeth form by different materials.

Bottom Stop: A device fixed on the bottom of the chain to prevent the slider from coming off

Pin:  the part used on a open end zipper that is inserted into the slider body and the box

Box:  a component used on a open end zipper that correctly aligns the pin

Tape: the two fabric pieces of the zipper

Metal zipper teeth coating colors

If you want to do shiny gold color, shiny gun color and shiny antique sliver color, then we suggest you to buy following machines:
1) Shiny gold color coating machine
There are two choices: 13 shafts vertical model and 17 shafts horizontal model. If your workshop is not that big, you can choose 13 shafts model. If there is enough space in your factory 17 shafts model is better choice, which can produce our relatively shiny gold finish.
After the zipper comes out from the shiny gold color coating machine, we suggest to put them into alkaline water tank for 2nd neutralization.(there is one neutralization tank in the machine for 1st time treatment )



2) 9 shaft shiny gold color fixing and cleaning machine
No matter you want to coat shiny gold color or other colors, it is better to buy one set 9 shaft shiny gold color fixing and cleaning machine. Which will make the coating color last for much longer time. After the shiny gold color zipper comes out from the 2nd alkaline water tank, it can be put directly into this machine. The workflow is: shiny gold coating--->alkaline water immersion--->color fixing and cleaning machine--->lacquering machine
If you need to coat other colors after shiny gold(for example, shiny gun color), then the zipper should goes to another machine after coming out from the 2nd alkaline water tank. The workflow is: shiny gold coating--->alkaline water immersion--->shiny gun color coating--->color fixing and cleaning machine--->lacquering machine

3) Single color coating machine
If you want to coat shiny gun color, then 19 shaft black nickel(common gun color) coating machine(Single color coating machine) is suitable option. This machine can do gun color, antique brass, shiny nickel and light gold. If you mainly do gun color and antique brass color, and only do shiny nickel or light gold occasionally, then you can only buy one machine. However if you have many orders for both dark color and light color, we suggest you to buy two machines. One set for gun color and antique brass color and the other machine for shiny nickel and light gold. As you know the coating formulas are totally different for the light colors and dark colors. If the tanks are not cleaned thoroughly after light color coating, the finish will not be pure when you do the dark color production.
a) Shiny gold color coating is the very first step before doing shiny gun color, shiny antique brass color, shiny nickel color and light gold color.
b) Shinny gun color and black nickel color difference: shinny gun color is usually done by SEO2, and black nickel is done by stink ammonia water. Most factories are doing the shinny gun colors now.

4)Newest 23 shafts double-colors antique sliver cold coating machine
If you want to coat antique sliver color, firstly to do the shiny gold color and then use this 23 shafts double-colors antique sliver cold coating machine to do the job. The fist tank is to do the nickel color, the second tank is do the antique brass color. And the nickel metal zipper teeth will become antique silver after been treated by the antique brass chemicals. So this machine can do 3 colors: nickel, antique brass and antique silver. If you want to the shinny colors, then firstly you must coat the zipper teeth by the shiny gold color machine.


What is a hot chamber die casting machine?

A hot chamber machine is mainly used for zinc and other low-melting point alloys which do not easily corrode the metal pot, cylinder and plunger. In a hot chamber machine, molten metal is automatically supplied to the die cast machine through a "gooseneck" that is submerged in furnace full of molten metal. At the beginning of the cycle, a piston is retracted, allowing the gooseneck to fill with molten metal. The piston is activated and metal is plunged through the gooseneck and into the die. After the metal has solidified, the plunger is withdrawn, the die opens, and the casting part is ejected. 

Hot chamber machine is rapid in operation. The cycle times vary from less than one second for small part weighing less than 28.35 grams, to thirty seconds for a casting of more than one kilogram. Normally dies are filled between five and forty milliseconds. The metal is injected at high pressures (from 1,500 to 4,500 psi or above). Nowadays the modern technology gives close control over these values, thus making castings with fine detail, close tolerances and high strength. Our die casting machines are hydraulically operated and equipped with automatic cycling controls and safety devices.