Product Name:

Invisible Slider Automatic Deburr Machine (Disk type)

Model number : QLQ-029

Summary : QLQ Enterprice 029 model Automatic Invisible Slider Deburr Machine (Disk type) is the newly design slider making machine for standard invisible slider. Average output is 7800-8400 pcs per hour.

Product description


DIMENSION: L 110*W 100* H 150 CM
PACKAGING MEAS.: L 145*W 115*H 160 CM
WEIGHT: N.W. :380kgs, G.W.: 480kgs
AIR PRESSURE: 4-5 kgs square cm
WORKING AREA: 5 sq. m.
OPERATOR: 1 operator for 2 machine
Invisible Slider Automatic Deburr Machine (Disk type) QLQ 029 B


1) Average output: 7800-8400 pcs/hr.(Double Filler mode)

2) Invisible slider is fed from the parts-feeder then auto de-burr all parts of slider on the main disk.

3) This disk type invisible slider automatic deburr machine works stably.

4) Technicians are available to offer after-sales service overseas.

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