Product Name:

Automatic Slider Torsion Test Machine

Model number : QLQ-STTM

Product description

Automatic Slider Torsion Test Machine



1-Torsion capacity:100N.M
2-Loading resolution:1/10000
3-Control mode: button
4-Accuracy range:±1%
5-Available for internation units lb, ft, kg
6-Clamp distance: 500mm or as per customer's requirement
7-Ddjustment way of clamp distance: motor drive precision screw
8-Testing speed:1.5R.P.M or adjustable
9-Driving force:motor reducing gear
10-Output mode: LED electronic display, adopt load cell induction digital display
11-Printing way:results printed on small receipt, can keep record of 10 sets data. Printed result including maximum value, minimum value, average value and testing time, etc.
12-Power: 220V, 50HZ

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