Product Name:

Automatic Saline Spray Test Machine for Slider

Model number : QLQ-SSTM(S)

Summary : This machine is to test corrosion resistance of waterproof treatment including the paint, coating, plating, anodizing,and anti-rust oil treatment on different kinds of products.

Product description

Automatic Saline Spray Test Machine for Slider



1-Inner size:60x45x40cm
2-Outer size:107x60x118
3-Test room temperature:saline test(NSS ACSS)35℃±1℃/corrosion resistance test (CASS)50℃±1℃
4-Saline temperature:35℃±1℃ 50℃±1℃
5-Testing room capacity:108L
6-Saline box capacity:"15L
7-Compresssed air pressure:1.00±0.01kgf/cm²
8-Spray volume:1.0~2.0ml/80cm2/h, collect result of at least 16 hours and take the everage value
9-PH value 6.5~7.2 3.0~3.2
10-Spray way: continuous  spray

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