Product Name:

Automatic Metal Zipper Surface Intelligent Polishing Machine (12pcs wheels)

Model number : QLQ-F12P

Summary : This machine is usually used for polishing normal teeth and plating rework.

Product description

This machine is used to press flat and polish metal zipper teeth and clean all burrs and sharp edges on teeth surface, making everywhere of zipper teeth is smooth. This machine is usually used for polishing normal teeth and plating rework.

The electrical components are from imported brands, and the motor is from a Taiwan brand. The whole machine is made up of twice-pressing system, hexangular scraper system, steel wheel polishing system, tape feeding and dragging system, tape running adjusting system and high negative pressure vacuum system.

Machine Model Average Output Total Power Voltage

Machine Size(cm)


QLQ-F12P-10 1200—1800M/H 2.8KW 380V 235*48*165
Metal Zipper Face Automatic Intelligent Polishing Machine (12 wheels)_1


1- This machine polish zippers from rough to fine, from vertical to horizontal, clean sharp edge and burr, and then polish zippers to be smooth and clean.

2- Flat pressing system presses twice, ensuring teeth will not be deformed. Scraper system scratches most of sharp burr of zipper.

3-Tape running adjusting system can make sure the deviated zipper is adjusted back automatically.

4- High pressure vacuum system can absorb most of copper powder. 

5- All excellent materials from famous branded suppliers at home and abroad makes quality guarantee coefficient increased 5 times

6- Users of this machine have 100% favorable comment.


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