Product Name:

Auto-lock Slider Automatic Assembly Machine (4 Punch) C-type Monkey

Model number : QLQ-025AD

Summary : QLQ Enterprice 025A model Auto-lock slider automatic assembly machine (4 Punch) C-type monkey is the newly design slider making machine. Average output is 4500 pcs per hour.

Product description

Auto-lock Slider Automatic Assembly Machine (4 Punch) C-type Monkey
DIMENSION: L 150*W 150* H 160 CM
MOTOR POWER: 1/2HP(0.4kw)
PACKAGING MEAS.: L 155*W 155*H 175 CM
WEIGHT: N.W. :420kgs,G.W. :520kgs
AIR PRESSURE: 4-5 kgs square cm
WORKING AREA: 6 sq. m.
OPERATOR: 1 operator/1 machine

Machine details:

1-This auto-lock slider assembly machine is one of the newly design slider making machine for new type auto-lock slider with 4 punch and C type needle. This new type automatic lock slider is with more beautiful outlook and better strength.

2- Average output : 4500 pcs/hr(auto mode for assembly new type auto-lock slider). This speed is belong to high level among slider making machine.

3- Auto-lock Slider accessories are sent from the parts-feeder then auto-assembled on the main disk. We make checking device for every step to pick up defect products. The assembly machine will stop automatically if there is defect products.This advantage is helpful for the zipper making machine to avoid defect products.

4- Normal type puller can be assembled automatically, and special pullers can be assembled semi-automatically. The slider making speed is adjustable.

5- This auto-lock slider assembly machine works stably.

6-Technicians are available to offer after-sales service overseas.

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