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How to produce auto-locking Zipper Slider?

Jun 06,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

Step 1: stamping, the machines that need to be used are stamping machines(pressing machine), and stamping mould(pressing mould).
Step 2: Die-casting machine die-casting of the slider body, which requires the use of a hot chamber die-casting machine, and the corresponding slider body mold and slider mold.

Step 3: We need to separate the zinc alloy puller body or puller sheet from the die-cast product into an individual piece using a separator.
Step 4: Polishing of the puller and puller piece, there are many kinds of polishing machines and materials, from coarse to fine, according to the customer's needs, if the requirements of high-end products will be fine polishing, the product requirements are relatively low will be coarse polishing.

Step 5: the polished product will be used separating products after polishing machine to separate the product and debris, polishing materials.
Step 6: use the dryer to separate the moistureStep 7: Slider De-burr using the pin machine, the internal phi of the pull head to clean up theStep 8 9: is the assembly step of the puller, the assembly of the pulling piece, cap, spring, puller body, slider assembly machine can refer to our classification.

Step 10: is the painting step, painting machine is also divided into many kinds, size, efficiency, environmental labeling are different.

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