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Bag accessories and quality zipper manufacturing process

Aug 09,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

As an indispensable companion in daily life, the quality and details of bags are related to the user's experience and satisfaction. The quality of bags is not only reflected in the appearance of the design and choice of fabrics, but also its accessories, especially zippers. As an important part of bags, the quality and performance of zippers directly affect the convenience and durability of users. Below, we will introduce the manufacturing process of luggage accessories and quality zippers, revealing the machines, processes and manufacturing quality.


I. Manufacturing quality assurance

Manufacturing quality bag accessories and zippers needs to start with the raw materials. We choose high-quality alloy materials with corrosion and abrasion resistance to ensure that the products are not easy to be rusted and damaged during use. In addition, we strictly control the temperature and environment during the production process to ensure the stability and consistency of the raw materials, thus guaranteeing the overall quality of the products.


II. Advanced production machines

We have invested in a series of advanced production equipment, including automated injection molding machines, cold heading machines and polishing machines. These machines not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure product consistency and accuracy. The automated injection machine can precisely inject the alloy material into the mold to ensure the consistency of the appearance and size of the product; the cold heading machine can cold head the raw material into the basic shape of the zipper, which improves the strength and durability of the product; and the polishing machine can finely polish the surface of the product, which makes the zipper smoother and reduces the possibility of snagging.

zippers making machine

III. Fine Processing Procedure

Manufacturing quality bag accessories and zippers requires a number of delicate processing steps. First, the raw material is made into the basic shape of zipper through injection molding or cold heading process. Then, the surface of the product is made smoother and more durable through polishing, plating and other treatments. Next, dimensional inspection and functional testing are conducted to ensure that the product meets the design requirements and is able to function properly. Finally, packaging and quality inspection are performed to ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation and use.

quality control and testing

iv. zipper quality control and testing

In order to ensure the quality of our products, we implement a strict quality control and inspection system. We have set up quality inspection positions at each production stage to check the appearance, size and function of the products to ensure that the defective products will not flow into the next stage. We also use advanced testing equipment, such as metallurgical microscopes and tensile testing machines, to conduct comprehensive tests on the material composition and physical properties of our products to ensure that they meet international standards and customer requirements.

zipper show

V. Environmental protection and sustainable development

In our production process, we always adhere to the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. We choose environmentally friendly production materials to reduce pollutant emissions and optimize energy use. At the same time, we focus on product longevity and durability, reducing unnecessary waste of resources. We also continue to promote technological innovation and seek more environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods, contributing to the sustainable development of the industry.

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