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Automatic Plastic zipper injection machine

Jul 17,2023 | QLQ zipper solution supplier

Automatic zipper machine usually consists of injection system, mold closing system, hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, belt feeding auxiliary system, heating and cooling system, safety monitoring system and so on.

Role of the injection system:The injection system is one of the most important components of the injection molding machine, generally there are plunger-type, screw-type, screw pre-molding plunger injection in three main forms. Currently the most widely used is the screw type. Its role is, in a cycle of plastic injection machine, can be in the specified time will be a certain amount of plastic heating plasticization, under a certain pressure and speed, through the screw will be injected into the mold cavity of molten plastic. After the injection, the molten material injected into the mold cavity is kept in shape. Composition of the injection system: the injection system consists of plasticizing device and power transmission device.

injection machine

Screw injection molding machine plasticizing device mainly consists of charging device, barrel, screw, nozzle part of the composition. Power transfer device including injection cylinder, injection seat moving cylinder and screw drive device (melt motor).

The role of the mold closing system: the role of the mold closing system is to ensure that the mold is closed, open and eject the product. At the same time, after the mold is closed, for the mold to give enough clamping force, in order to resist the molten plastic into the mold cavity cavity pressure generated by the mold to prevent the mold from opening the seam, resulting in the poor status of the product.

The composition of the clamping system: the clamping system is mainly composed of clamping device, mold adjustment mechanism, ejector mechanism, upper and lower fixed template, mobile template, clamping cylinder and safety protection mechanism.

The role of the hydraulic transmission system is to realize the injection molding machine according to the process required by the various actions to provide power, and to meet the injection molding machine parts of the required pressure, speed, temperature and other requirements. It mainly consists of the respective hydraulic components and hydraulic auxiliary components, of which the oil pump and motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. Various valves control the oil pressure and flow, so as to meet the requirements of the injection molding process.

Electrical control system and hydraulic system reasonable cooperation, can realize the injection molding machine process requirements (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and a variety of program action. Mainly composed of electrical appliances, electronic components, meters, heaters, sensors and so on. Generally there are four kinds of control mode, manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic, adjustment.

Heating system is used to heat the barrel and injection nozzle, injection molding machine barrel is generally used as a heating device electric heating coil, installed in the barrel of the external, and with thermocouple segment detection. Heat through the barrel wall thermal conductivity for material plasticization to provide a heat source; cooling system is mainly used to cool the oil temperature, oil temperature is too high will cause a variety of failures so the oil temperature must be controlled. Another location for cooling in the material tube near the mouth, to prevent the raw material in the mouth of the melt, resulting in raw materials can not be normal feeding.

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