Product Name:

AC Servo Power Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine (Horizontal Installation)

Model number : QLQ-500III

Summary : QLQ-500III AC Servo Power Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine is our newly designed series, with much higher high precision and more stable features.

Product description

AC Servo Power Saving Plastic Injection Molding Machine (Horizontal Installation)

Screw Diameter(mm):75/85/95
Theoretical Shot Volume(cubic cm):1877/2411/3012
Shot Weight(g):1764/2830/2830
Shot Weight(oz):62.3/80.1/100
Theoretical Injection Pressure (Mpa):209/163/130
Screw L/D Ratio:24/21/19
Injection Stroke(mm):425
Screm Rotary Speed Max(rpm):147
Nozzle Contact Force(KN):80
Nozzle Stroke(mm):450
Clamping Force(KN):5000
Opening Stroke(mm):755
Platen Size(mm*mm):1175*1145
Space Btw. Tie Bars(mm*mm):830*800
Daylight Max.(mm):1555
Mold Thickness(min-max)(mm):265-800
Ejector Storke(mm):250
Ejector Force(KN):111.3
Ejector Pin(unit):8+4+1
System Pressure(Mpa):17.5
Pump Motor(KW):22+30
Heating Capacity(KN):31.7
No. of Heater Zones(unit):6
Oil Tank Capacity(L):1300
Machine Dimensions(m*m*m):8.81*2.15*2.21
Theretical Machine Weight(KG):18500


1- Machine is degisned in accordance with ergonomics to enable easy operation.
2- Integral optimism improves rigidness of machine structure.
3- Fully transparent and frameless front safety door design enables the equipment monitoring more intutionistic.
4- Open space below clamping unit enables thress direction produce removal by belt conveyor.
5- Doulbe-carriage cylinger is adopted to ensure stable inejction.
6- It is easy to operate, the small machine controller can be turned by angle of 90 degrees.
7- Slider hopper small machine.
8- Explosion-proof cable for high pressure pipe.
9- With purge cover and barrel cover.

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